Why Reiki Goes Hand In Hand With Healthy Living

If you ask anyone who is familiar with Reiki to describe it they will often mention it’s ability to heal a particular condition.

And rightly so when you consider how many people have had first-hand experience of the healing effects of Reiki, how it directs energy to the recipient, restoring balance and assisting in the healing of physical and emotional problems.

However, Reiki is also a great tool for maintaining optimal health once this state is attained. Reiki can, and should, play a role as a regular feature of a healthy lifestyle.

What exactly is Reiki?

The word Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words:

Rei – which means “God’s wisdom” or “the Higher Power”

Ki – which means “life force energy”.

So joined together the word Reiki could be said to mean “spiritually guided life force energy.”

Reiki energy can be transimtted to a recipient from a practioner through light touching of the body or hands above the body. It’s also possible to carry out self-treatment sessions.

The energy transmitted works by correcting restrictions of Ki flow, working in the unconcious parts of the body and mind, restoring proper flow.

Here are 5 ways Reiki treatments promote healthy living:

1. Stress relief – A healthy lifestyle is one in which stress is kept to a minimum. Stress can cause many medical problems such as cardiac issues, kidney disease and hypertension.

2. Better Sleep – In order to get a good night’s sleep the mind must be calm. Reiki can help to restore a sense of calm and make it easier to drift off into a deep sleep.

3. Promotes a positive outlook – During a Reiki treatment the soothing touch and relaxing experience make the recipient open up to positive possibilities in life. Worries, regrets and negative thoughts tend to fade away making it easier to see the positive potential in situations.

4. Strengthened immune system – With our immune systems perpetually at work fighting allergies, diseases, cancers and other disorders, Reiki provides a wave of vital life force energy which can boost your immune system naturally.

5. Brings us into the present moment – Reiki is an effective tool for promoting mindfulness, allowing us to more easily let go of things that we have no control over and focus on the present, where we can solve problems creatively.

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