How Massage Therapy Can Benefit Senior Citizens

As the baby boom generation begins to age, the topic of healthcare for our senior citizens becomes increasingly important to discuss.

There are specific needs that those over 65 have which need to be addressed by healthcare practitioners. It’s a growing trend that the senior population are seeking out alternative forms of medicine and therapy, with massage therapy being extremely popular having been proven to be very beneficial.

Here are just some of the benefits of massage therapy for those in their senior years:


Osteoarthritis can develop at any age but is more prevalent among seniors, and is the type of arthritis caused by wear and tear of the joints.

The main symptoms include stiffness, swelling, pain and a shortened range of motion, which can occur in various joints in the body such as the hips, knees, wrists and fingers.

Massage therapy helps by improving blood circulation, reducing the pain, and increasing range of motion. When used in conjunction with other best practices such as exercise and diet control, seniors can experience a better quality of living, feeling healthier and able to be more active without being held back by the limitations that come with osteoarthritis .


Prior to an individual suffering from a stroke, once their condition has stabilized, some symptoms may linger which can make it hard to function at full capacity. These symptoms can include pain, fatigue, general weakness, balance problems, as well as other non-physical issues such as emotional distress, depression and anxiety.

Massage therapy can help to improve a person’s motor functions after having a stroke, as well as providing pain relief and improving emotional well-being.

Despite the difficulties and health risks associated with aging, elderly people can still lead active and fulfilling lives. Massage therapy can play a big part part in relieving the common symptoms of aging, such as aches, pains, and poor blood circulation, and can can also help on an emotional level.

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