Beat The Winter Chills With A Luxurious Hot Stone Massage

A 60 or 90 minute hot stone massage is all that’s needed to reach a state of harmony and balance within.

With the aid of heated basalt stones, one of our qualified and experienced massage therapists will knead away all the tension built up from the winter’s cold and the stresses of a busy festive period, resulting in deep relaxation of your muscles and a calm state of mind.

This massage will also benefit you in the following ways:
  • by calming your nervous system your body has the time to rest and digest
  • increased blood circulation ensures your body stays well fueled and functioning at it’s maximum capacity
  • improved immune function means a better ability to fight off a cold/flu
  • any tightly knotted muscles can be more easily released because of penetrating heat

To find out more about this powerful total body experience, or to book in for a session, get in touch with our team on 07412 897 490

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